Scrolldiving. Editorial project curated alongside Seth Ferris
in partnership with TLTRPreß Berlin.

Presentation at Aeromoto Library, Mexico City.

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

#1 "I'm Going to Describe a Ritual" by Beatriz Santiago Muñoz.

Dialéctica Troll. Published notes in NUDO Journal.

On the Gaze in the Era of Visual Salamis. Published essay by Journal

SUSSAGES @ DCP-Discursive and Curatorial Productions. UC San Diego, U.S.
Curated by Elizabeth D. Miller and Melinda Guillen.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Stamina @ Aproximadamente 800cm3 de PLA. UFES Vitória, Brazil.
Curated by Gabriel Menotti & The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale.

Thursday, April 7th 2016

Download catalogue here.

Sonido Vieques. A site-specific seminar hosted by Beta Local.
Pic by Manuel Mendoza Sánchez ::))

Printed Web#3 presentation @ Offprint London, Tate Modern-Turbine Hall.
Friday 22th May - Monday 25th May 2015

The Professor's Dream ft. in Printed Web#3.
5 x 8 in. 388 pages. ISBN 9781320767903
Paperback black-and-white print-on-demand book with uncoated cream-colored interior pages. Unlimited edition.

Produced/ curated by Library of the Printed Web/ Paul Soulellis.

Download Printed_Web_3.pdf here
Download Printed Web's GIF edition here

Browse the directory at

Gases Nobles: propuesta para un desmantelamiento. Essay published by La Raya Verde Mag. (ESP version)

7D Depth @ Ciclo de Video Tutoriales. Group show curated by Escuela de Garage & LaAgencia.

Structure VII, Calakmul Archaeological Site @ SALON ACME.
Group show curated by Alejandro Luperca Morales.

Cocom ft. Proyectos Editoriales Mexicanos—Fundación Alumnos 47 at the L.A. Art Book Fair.

Cultura Remota @ ¿Es el universo una simulación? Supercompensación, Mundo Material y Estéticas de Resistencia. Workshop + expedition @ HANGAR curated by Regina de Miguel, Martin Llavaneras and Pep Vidal.

Download grimoire here (SPA).

Marisa Olson´s Arte Postinternet presentation: Fucking Postinternet Publishing at NY Art Book Fair - MOMA PS1.
A collaboration between Marisa Olson & Cocom.

Future Studies @ AUP Agency of Unpublished Projects.
A project by e-flux & Serpentine Gallery London.

Massima esposizione, a text-based collaboration with Guillermo Mora.

Get .pdf (ESP) here.

Rosetta(Rorschach) @ Archaeologie Fabricated. Group show at JuneFirst Gallery.

Drifting .tiff version #2 there.

Ccooddiicceess @ Retroalimentacion. An email-based collaboration with Jose Diaz. Group show curated by Tiago de Abreu Pinto & Francesco Giaveri. Design by Priscila Clementti Studio.

Unlimited .pdf version here.

Rosetta (Rorschach) @ The Beginning of Something, Westside Gallery. Curated by Mieke van Schaijk.

MountainIslandGlacier presentation at The New York Book Art Fair - MOMA PS1. Curated by Libros Mutantes. A long-term collaboration with

Far Beyond the Quixotic Gaze. Texts by Paloma Checa-Gismero & Javier Fresneda

Download ENG ESP

Rosetta (Rorschach) @ FrontGround. Donde el Lenguaje es el material / Where Language is the Material. Curated by Victor Palacios.

Future Studies @ i like this art contemporary art blog.

We Keep in Touch. Text by Nathalie Hartjes & Javier Fresneda. Designed by Carlos Fernández-Pello.

Check the online version here.

Desguace Play Set (Plastic Parts II) by Poderes @ OTR Madrid, Spain. Curated by Marlon de Azambuja.

Freehands. Solo show at † Jose Robles Gallery 2013.

Freehands poster 2013. Text by Martí Manen & Javier Fresneda. FX alchemy by Carlos Fernández-Pello.

Download unlimited .pdf version here.

Stamina at La Raya Verde Magazine.

Rosetta (Rorschach) at ADAMASTOR INC.

El Desguace de la Concordia, solo exhibition by PoderesUnidos
at VK Gallery, Bogota-Colombia.

BR at SOMA Open Studios, México DF.

Total Flag at Sala de Arte Empático. Avda America, Madrid.

Stamina presentation at MACO 2012, with † Raquel Ponce gallery.

Future Studies at
Generacion 2012 Prize.

Mountainislandglacier, bilingual edition, 190pag. Published by Broken Dimanche Press. A long-term collaboration with
Download .pdf grimoire